Why Accountants Are Upping Their Cybersecurity in 2022

To accountants who are reading this, know that accountants are increasing their cybersecurity in 2022.

There are several reasons why accountants are starting to up their game with cybersecurity so read on to find out if you need more protection or not!

1. Paper Audit Trail May Be Unreliable

When accountants are using paper audit trails, they may be unable to detect if anything suspicious is occurring.  Since accountants do not know who exactly has access to the books, there is no way of knowing if anyone has manipulated numbers until it’s too late.

2. Cybercriminals Can Hack Accounting Software

Even accountants are at risk of average cybercriminals because it has become easier for anyone to hack into account information through hacking account software. Accountants need to stay plugged up on their cybersecurity protocols in 2022.

3. Leakage of Confidential Information Is a Real Threat

Accountants have access to sensitive financial data so leakage is a real threat in 2022 especially when accountants use unorganized methods of storing records which can lead to data theft by employees or people who have the right level of accountancy responsibilities. If accountants want to ensure they do not fall victim to data leakage, they should adopt more secure methods of storing and transmitting confidential information.

4. The Cloud Is an Insecurity Nightmare

The cloud is a wonderful tool for accountants to use for storage and retrieval of records but it also poses a serious security risk in 2022 as accountants are trusting their confidential data to a third-party organization. Data breaches through the cloud are becoming more common so accountants need to be extra vigilant about using the cloud for storage.

5. Social Engineering Is on the Rise

Social engineering is when cybercriminals use psychological manipulation tactics to get people to divulge confidential accounts or personal information. In 2022, social engineering will be even more rampant as cybercriminals refine their techniques so accountants need to be extra careful about the information they divulge via email, phone calls or even in person.

Accountants need to keep up with the latest cybersecurity threats to protect their clients and themselves from data theft or other malicious activities. adopting more secure methods of storing and transmitting confidential information will help accountants stay safe in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

If you are an accountant and would like more information on how to stay protected from cybersecurity threats, please contact Tech Rockstars and they will be happy to help.