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How do I Transition My Business to Microsoft Office 365?

In the past, it was tough to get access to enterprise software like SharePoint. That was mainly because it needed an intelligent tech individual to set it up. This person had to find hardware that could run the software and install the Operating System supporting the software and eventually SharePoint.

However, the good news is that Microsoft Office 365 lives in the cloud and is highly flexible. You can shift from tiny trial runs to data run Office subscriptions and determine what might go wrong when you move the entire business.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a software that combines the old Microsoft Office desktop apps, Microsoft applications services, and other new efficiency services. All these applications are usually enabled as expendable services from Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. 

Office 365 is also a service based on subscription, which can be paid either annually or monthly. This offers your business a very cost-effective way to consume your production capacities.

Get Help Migrating Your Business to Microsoft Office 365

Before migrating to Office 365, there are some things you will need to have and decisions you will have to make. So the best thing to do if you feel that the whole process is overwhelming is to get the help of a Microsoft partner that will help you migrate your business to Office 365 safely and confidently.

Implementing Microsoft Office 365 into Your Company

As you transition to this software, it is vital to learn the basics to make the shift even easier. So whether you are planning to use the desktop application or work on the web, the following is a guide that can help you transition from G Suite to Microsoft Office 365.

Sign Up for Microsoft Office 365

This process can take an estimated thirty to sixty minutes, and by signing up for this software, you will become the global admin. You can sign up for Office 365 as a business owner.


Anyone can install the Microsoft Office 365 software. The process will take at least thirty minutes. As the business owner, you can get the help of your workers to install other office applications like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Activate Licensing

This process might vary a little depending on if you are using the E or P plan. So, to add licensing, you have to add users to the plan by clicking on the Users tab. Start the process by selecting the new-user tab to add a new user. 

As you walk through the wizard, you will be asked to enter some extra information like the user’s fists and last name and the administration right that the user will be assigned.  Besides, you will have the chance to give a special license to the user.

Move Mailbox Data to Microsoft Office 365

Moving email data to the Exchange Online System is one of the most crucial and visible aspects of an Office 365 execution. Begin the transition by using the Email Migration Page. 

You can access it by clicking the manage click tab under the exchange online part on the main Office 365 management page, then click the email migration button.

Start a new migration by clicking the new tab and walk through the wizard. The migration wizard will allow you to shift your exchange settings. The wizard works by automatically detecting your settings.